100 Series KART Installation Instructions & Pictures

The P1 Engine heater is designed to create cooling system temperature prior to starting the engine. Starting High Performance engines in cold temperatures & operating at high RPM to achieve normal operating temperatures creates excessive wear, noise & smoke pollution. Costly engine damage can also occur. Pre-heating an engine prior to starting minimises these problems and makes pre-race preparation much easier.

The P1 kart engine heater will take approximately 7 minutes to heat a water cooled kart engine to 50*C using a stable 240V power source. The P1 Engine heater has a fast, sensitive internal automatic temperature control that shuts the heater off once it reaches the desired temperature. The engine heater will automatically turn back on once the engine heater senses a temperature drop of approximately 10*C.

Installing the P1 Kart Engine Heater

  1. The engine heater is designed to be installed in the lower cooling hose that goes from the radiator to the water pump inlet.
  2. Disconnect the lower cooling hose from the water pump inlet.
  3. Cut 145mm off the end of the hose. Do not discard this 145mm off cut!
  4. Cut 65mm off the 145mm piece. This 65mm is now the outlet hose.
  5. Discard the remaining 80mm piece.
  6. Install the outlet hose to the heater outlet securing with a hose clamp. The heater outlet is clearly marked on the heater with an arrow.
  7. Install the heater with the outlet hose attached to the water pump inlet, secure using a hose clamp.
  8. Connect the water hose from the radiator to the inlet side of the engine heater and secure with hose clamp.
  9. Check the radiator hose length to ensure the hose is not kinked. Secure as required.
  10. Secure the water hose to the seat mount post with a cable tie. Ensure that the heater is not resting on the chassis rail.
  11. Secure the power cable in a convenient position to the seat mount post with a cable tie.
  12. Fill the radiator with coolant ensuring that all air is purged from the system.

**Any leaks in the cooling system will cause engine heater failure!**

  1. Leave the radiator cap off.
  2.  Plug in to 240volt power source & turn on.
  3.  Check the heater is circulating the coolant and install radiator cap.
  4.  Once temperature is reached, disconnect from the 240 volt power source.

***CAUTION ***Ensure that the heater is protected from external water. i.e. racing in wet conditions, washing etc . The heater MUST be “bagged” to prevent external water entering the electric heater components. Failure to do this can result in heater failure.

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P1 Australia - Racers with Real Racing Solutions
P1 Australia - Racers with Real Racing Solutions
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